Detailed Price Tag

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Detailed Price Tag

This is a gorgeous, intricate price tag, perfect for selling fancy things! There’s plenty of room for an product’s name and tag line, and the detailed stitching down the sides of the tag is rather refined!

Comments & Discussion

  1. Awesome tag, thanks for sharing

  2. How you did this different background color (similar to flare)?

    • you can make a gradient background and use the Radial Gradient, make the center color a little brighter than your exterios color, add 1% noise, done

  3. This is great thanks for sharing your work

  4. Great details

  5. Fancy awesomeness. Thanks!

  6. Lovely work. Thank you.

  7. Muy Bonito muchas gracias

  8. Wow! A truly beautiful price tag! I love colors especially, thank you!

  9. Hi Liam,

    Thanks for such a great tag psd…. it helps me to complete my work.. thank you very much buddy.. :)

  10. Error: Download path is invalid!

  11. Nice work! But it says that the download path is invalid. Has the file been removed?

  12. Thanks a lot!!!!

  13. Good share, thank you.

  14. Great Collection thanks for the post…!

  15. Thanks very nice

  16. Is it completly free for use it? I really loved it. Thanks a lot.

  17. how to download it?

    • This one’s a commercial resource, that you can get your hands on with a Creative VIP membership!

  18. Says it’s free to download however all I’m seeing is you have to join and pay for membership to join Creative VIP.

    Am I correct in this? Thanks

    • Hey Pete. Some of these are free resources, and others come as part of a Creative VIP membership. This one is now part of our membership!

  19. Awesome share ! Thanks

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