Hello Readers!

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Hello Readers!

Hi there, if you don’t know or haven’t heard of me yet, I’m Liam McCabe. I am the owner of PixelsDaily. I launched the site just under a month ago and the response has been great. You seem to love the site and I love to contribute to the site, so it’s a win win situation.

So since it’s been a month I thought it would be nice if I gave you, the readers, to express your opinions about PD. What resources do you want to see more of? What kind of tutorials do you want to see? Any site features you would like to see? Your valuable feedback could help shape a better PD.

As a thank you I am organising a competition which shall be posted very soon. Prizes include a WordPress bundle, themes and icons so stay tuned guys, it’s gonna be a fun one!

Comments & Discussion

  1. Liam, great work on the site. I like your idea thus far. I see that you are simply posting up an actual .psd file each day, which I understand. I think it would be more interesting if you were to include a brief (not necessarily an entire tutorial) on how the effect was created, rather than just providing a file. For beginners, it could help them learn some basic valuable skills. Others, myself included, might like to see how other designers create things. I’m always interested in finding new ways of doing things.

    • Thanks for the input Godbee. I have thought about using the notes feature in Photoshop to provide some explanation. I think that would be a good idea, may start implementing right away :)

      I will continue to find new contributors as I too like to see how other designers create things.

      Thanks again for the feedback Godbee :)

  2. When I saw the site I signed the rss and whenever I see the tutorials. Keep it up, you have much potential. Thanks for everything!

  3. Great Job Liam till now! I suggest you when you write a tutorial, be more specific for beginners, because all your tutorials are 2-3 images with 4 lines of text…

    Keep going :)

    • The tutorials are supposed to be quick and simple. Perhaps, I’ll go into more depth but I’m hoping any beginners that need help leave a comment on the tutorial – where I am happy to give extra explanation/support.

  4. Hi, Liam

    It would be nice if you wrote some sort of tutorial on how to manage downloaded psd freebie. (ie. what folder should you put the freebie, how to organize the folder, maybe sort it out by color/ type /function?) I think this tutorial will be great and will be very helpful for the designers that likes to collect .psd stuff.

    • Hmm that’s really up to you? I’ll consider it though :)

  5. Nothing much to say beside : Kudos for your website… I did subscribe to your rss feeds., your tutorials are really helpful!
    Keep up the food work

    • Thanks NoL :)

      I’ll keep up the food work ;)

  6. Hmm, what about tutorials telling why to do something instead of how? :P

    • Interesting, quite philosophical? :P

  7. Hello Liam,

    First of all, Thanks for the freebies…

    Resources I’d like to see more often: – User Interface web stuff
    What kind of tutorials: – Photoshop shortcuts, idk some tricks you know maybe….


    • Well I think that’s exactly PD is doing atm, so just keep going? :)

  8. Well done on the website Liam. I really enjoy looking at your posts daily and how you make up the PSDs. The thing I learn the most from the psds is how the element is broken up e.g. highlights, shadows, colour accent, background, etc. It helps me think about how to train my mind to look at things and break them down in a similar way. Maybe you could do a segment where you talk about you process, doesn’t have to be extremely detailed but more of an overview of point A to point B on a particular psd. Just an idea.
    Keep up the good stuff.

    • Hmm an interesting idea Alvin, I’ll see what I can do :)

  9. Thank you! This site is great!

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